LG UltraGear – RGB Gaming Speaker

LG’s latest gaming speaker features customizable RGB lights to bring a cool gaming look to your desk. I think this is one of the coolest gadgets you could have under your monitor.

LG Ultragear Gaming Speaker

The sound quality and bass are really good. You can also customize your sound profile. The speaker also features a microphone that has surround noise cancelling and echo canceling features. This is perfect if you are a streamer/multiplayer gamer who uses voice chat a lot.

LG UltraGear Speaker

The speaker pairs with your smartphone and can be operated with LG’s app.


  • High Resolution Audio
  • 3D Surround Sound
  • RTS/FPS Mode
  • Built-in Microphone (Noise/Echo Cancellation)
  • Customizable RGB Lighting

Editor's Rating
4.5 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI would have it on my desk for the looks alone
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