Apricorn Aegis – Hardware Encrypted USB C Flash Drive

Gone are those days when USB drives are used for anything and everything. If I could remember, I used to carry a pen drive in my pocket during my college days. You may be wondering why… It’s because the internet was not so widely available during that time and all the lecture notes and stuff needed to be circulated via pen drives. Today, one click is enough to send the notes to everybody’s email inbox!

There are different USB drives available in the market. From a cheap USB 2.0 drive to an expensive type C hardware encrypted drive, you can choose the one based on your requirements. Today, I have a fully encrypted, ultra-secure USB drive with me. Meet, Aegis Secure Key 3NXC by Apricorn.

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  • Up to 128GB storage
  • USB Type C
  • LED indicator
  • Works with any device (laptops, phones, etc)
  • 256-BIT AES-XTS Hardware Encryption
  • Software free operation
  • Separate Admin and User Modes
  • Rechargeable Battery

Editor's Ratings
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis is the only flash drive I have been using ever since I got it
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