Cellect Beauty Beam

Here’s a gadget that can help you maintain healthy skin. Cellect by GoSelly can reduce acne, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. It does so by using red & blue LED lights with infrared beams.

Cellect Beauty Solution

Red LED lights emit wavelengths of 625~850nm while radiating heat of up to 104° to reach 8 to 10mm deep into the dermis. This reduces the signs of aging.

Blue Light Mode emits a wavelength of up to 415nm, penetrating 0.5mm deep into the skin to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Cellect Beauty Beam Solution

If you use the product every day, you are expected to see the results in about 4 weeks (for acne) and 7 weeks (for wrinkles). They recommend using it for about 15 minutes per session.

One more cool feature is, the device auto turns on when it is near the skin and auto turns off when you take it away from the skin.

Cellect SkinCare Solution

Cellect is very lightweight and portable. Since it is battery-powered, there are no wires involved. The battery life is 2 hours and it charges via USB-C

Cellect SkinCare Solution

The product is expected to cost $200 and should be out on the market early this year

Fun fact: GoSelly is a sister brand of Spigen (the smartphone case manufacturer)


  • Optical LED Lens
  • Blue for Acne Care
  • Red for Wrinkle Care
  • Cordless
  • UV Heat Therapy and Deep Cleansing

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Editor's QuoteThis product is ultra portable and very easy to use
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