Moorebot Scout – Tiny AI Powered Bot

This cool-looking robot is not just a toy, it is also a robotic camera for home monitoring. You heard it right, Moorebot Scout moves around your home and monitors it while you are away.

Moorebot Home Monitor Robot

Scout is a smart device. It connects to your WiFi and can be controlled with a phone app. It also works with Google Home and Alexa voice assistants. You can use the robot as an RC vehicle or leave it alone. If left alone, it uses its own AI to patrol around. Heck, it even charges itself by auto docking.

Moorebot AI robot

The robot has FWD (four-wheel drive) and can move sideways too. You can track people and pets around making it a great toy for pets too.

Moorebot Tiny Bot

With its advanced facial recognition technology, the Moorebot Scout can tell you exactly who is in your home or office at any given time. And if it spots something fishy, it will send you a notification immediately.

A new variant of Moorebot is coming soon. Unlike Scout, it features tanker wheels.


Moorebot Bot


  • Home Monitoring (1080P FHD Video Camera with 2-way audio)
  • Connects with Alexa/Google Home
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Auto crawl to the charging station
  • Learn and Create with open-source programs

Editor's Rating
4.9 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThe build quality of this robot is just amazing. The features, insane!
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