Heat It – Insect Bite Healer

Heat It is a device that could heal insect bites, mainly mosquitoes, bees and horseflies. It does so by creating a warm spot on your skin that reduces histamine. It is a tiny phone attachment, works with both Android and iPhones.

Heat it - Itch Healer

The device is plug and play, you connect Heat It to your phone’s charging port, open the app and start applying the heat to your skin. Depending on the itchiness, you might want to adjust the duration. There is an LED indicator on the device.

Heat it - Insect Bite Healer

Their smartphone app has different settings and whatnot. There are 12 heat-based personalization levels and the max temperature it can achieve is 124°F.

Heat it - Mosquito Bite Healer

I was skeptical about this product but upon reading reviews on Amazon, I’m certain that Heat It works. This is a great accessory for outdoor use, especially for camping, trekking, etc.

Heat it - Insect Bite Pain Healer


  • Small and Portable
  • Chemical Free
  • Adjustable Heat via App
  • No Batteries Required
  • Relieves from Mosquitoes, Bees and Wasps, Horseflies bites

Editor's Rating
4.9 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteHeat It is definitely one of the coolest tech you can find under $50
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